Older homes such as those built prior to the 1980’s are especially susceptible to recurring drain and sewer pipe blockages and sludge issues. Keeping your sewer line clean and free of back-ups is important. It is recommended that you call on a professional to get it clean and cleared at least once a year. This means regular inspections in order to locate and address possible problems in your sewer line. However, it is rarely necessary to dig up your whole yard, replace the sewer line and deal with a sewer project that lasts for days on end. A quicker way to address sewer back-ups is an old standard in drain cleaning – power rodding.

How does it work?

Power rodding is the process of using an electronically powered sewer machine with heavy-duty cables that turn blades clockwise and counter-clockwise to remove a blockage or root intrusion. In many cases, a sewer or drainage pipe that is backed up may need to be rodded before it can be video inspected such as when tree roots have gotten so thick that they obstruct visual access or the sewer line is heavily clogged. Power rodding will allow the water to drain down, so that the video camera can then be inserted into the pipe and the problem can be visually identified.

Save money

Save thousands of dollars on costly sewer line replacements for your home! Power rodding is an effective and powerful method, and will remove blockages that other methods may not be able to get through. Tree roots can do a great deal of damage to sewer lines as they grow over time and create such high pressure that they cause the pipe to crack. At Meurer & Sons Plumbing, our plumbers are well versed in power rodding and will only use the highest quality equipment.

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