Your sewer line is the primary sewer line that connects the city’s main sewer line to your home. To repair or replace a cracked main should always be performed by a licensed, professional plumber.

We can diagnosis the need for a sewer drain repair by using our in line video inspection camera. The images captured by the camera are transmitted to a device operated by the trained technician. Images record the physical location of the line and its depth from surface so the appropriate repairs can be properly prepared and implemented.

Primary indicators that a repair or replacement is needed:

    An excessive amount of roots in line that cannot be cleared by a cable machine
    Broken, cracked or collapsed pipe due to shifting soil, frozen ground or settling
    Corrosion of an older pipe that caused pipe to break or collapse
    A bellied pipe where a section of the pipe has sunk to the ground, creating a low spot in the line where paper and waste collect causing repeated blockages
    Leaking joints where the seals between sections of pipe have broken

One reason whey sewer main repairs can be so expensive is that the sewer main line is entirely under the ground below driveways, lawns, gardens and patios. Your yard may need to be excavated or concrete driveways and sidewalk jackhammered to even access the sewer main. Many times the repair is not the most expensive part of the process at all. The access can be the costly part whole the repair may be just a replacement of a length of pipe or removal of roots.

Once we determine whether or not a sewer replacement is needed Meurer & Sons Plumbing Co. can provide you with our professional services and experience of replacing thousands of sewer lines over the years.

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